University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
La Jolla, California
PhD in Music Composition.
Principle teachers: Roger Reynolds (PhD Chair), Joji Yuasa, Bernard Rands, James R. Cheatham.

Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM)
Cleveland, Ohio
Master of Music and Bachelor of Music in Music Composition.
(Awarded Master and Bachelor degrees from Case Western Reserve University in conjunction
with the Master and Bachelor degrees from the CIM.)
Principle teachers: Donald Erb, Marcel Dick.

Case Western Reserve University (CWRU)
Cleveland, Ohio
Major fields of study: Chemistry and Music.


September, 1987 - Present

Mesa Community College
San Diego, California
Currently Full Professor, and Chair of Music
Adjunct Instructor from September 1987-June 1990.

January, 1987 - June, 1989
Scripps College
Claremont, California
Lecturer (20th Century Music History and Music Theory).

January, 1981 - June, 1988
University of California, San Diego
Instructor / Lecturer for Third College Writing Program (freshman English)
from September, 1984 - June, 1988
Numerous Teaching Assistantships (Music Theory; Music History; Music Participation; Music, Science, and Computers);
Graduate Assistant Instructor for the Cleveland Institute of Music
(Introduction to Electronic Music) from January, 1981 - June, 1984.


Chair of San Diego Community College District's Music Discipline Committee.

Designed, implemented and past Director (1997-2003) of the Recital Hour - a venue for concerts and an "open" class at Mesa College: the community can attend quality wide-ranging diverse concerts for free while students can get credit for attending the concerts as a class.

Designed and implemented a new course sequence, Projects in Composition 206A & B, and Certificate Degree in Music Composition. Modeled on a Writer's Workshop the course is available to students at various levels of development from beginning to advanced.

Chair of the Music Department at Mesa College.

Co-Chair of the Computing Steering Committee (CSC) at Mesa College.

Chair of Computer and Telecommunications Advisory Council (CTAC) to the President and Academic Senate of Mesa College.

Designed and implemented a six course curriculum for the Electronic Music Studio at Mesa: The Electronic Music Studio 190, Recording Arts 201, Computer Music 202, Projects in Electronic Music 205AB, Electronic Music Studio Internship 209; and a Certificate Degree in Music Technology.

Director of the on-going "Back to the Future" concert series and other concerts high-lighting new works by Mesa College students and faculty (hosted now as part of the Recital Hour).

Former Chair (1993-1995) of the San Diego Community College District's Microcomputing User Group, under the auspices of the ISC (Information Systems Council).

Received Meritorious Service Award at Mesa College.


Teaching Credentials in Music for California Community Colleges.

Partner in Old King Cole Productions, a CD label producing "staggeringly original CDs", since 1995 and working in that capacity since 2004 for the RELS CD label as well.

Member of touch me hear with Chad Mealey, exploring the boundaries between music, art, drama, technology, performance and audience participation.

Member of The La Jolla Symphony Orchestra - Violin.

Edited classical music selections for Compton's New Media encyclopedic CD ROM.

Composer / Sound Designer for The San Diego Repertory Theater: Peter Barnes' "Red Noses" (1988); Sam Shepard's "Fool for Love" (1986); for The Magic Machine Children's Theater: "Tales of Uncle Remus" (1984).

Composer in acoustical experimentation, music production at the Computer Audio Research Laboratory, Center for Music Experiment, UCSD.

Former Director (1982-1985) of Atomicafe (new music concert series), UCSD.

Co-organizer of the AKI New Music Festivals '79, '81, and '83 seasons, and Recording Engineer, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio.


Recipient of a Commission from the American Composers Forum for a new piece for pianists Audrey Andrist and Thomas Linker premiered in San Diego and Minneapolis, respectively.

Selected to be represented on the 2-disc volume one of a 12 volume CD compilation of Masterworks of the New Erawith "Three Haiku and a Poem" for baritone voice and orchestra written in 1977. On the ERM label.

Performance and recording of The Disqualification of Harry Semantix as Trial Juror for East County by the New York Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Gerard Schwarz with James Romeo as saxophone soloist, Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York, March 13, 2000; with help from a grant by the American Music Center. CD release by Master Musicians Collective.

Compact Disc release of Electric Brews, original music in various electronic media. On the Old King Cole label.

Compact Disc release of Short Circuits on a recording of violin duo Janos Negyesy and Paivikki Nykter playing various dedications. On the Aucourant label.

Compact Disc release of Sonic Habitats, original ambient recordings. On the Old King Cole label.

Premiere of composition Heisenberg was looking for a raison d'être at the San Diego/ Tijuana New Music Festival at the Lyceum Theatre, San Diego, January, 1999.

Compact Disc release of The Virtual Performer, original music for computer-driven acoustic piano (disklavier), including performances by Steven Schick, Ed Harkins, George Svoboda, Mary Barranger, James Romeo. On the Old King Cole label.

Performance and recording of Viola Concerto, "Coaxing the Shadows to Move of Their Own Volition" by the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Vladmir Valek with Karen Dreyfus as viola soloist, Zofin Hall, Prague, Czech Republic, February 2, 1997. Upcoming CD release by Master Musicians Collective.

Guest composer and coach presenting original electronic and computer music at a seminar/workshop at the Conservatoire of Music in Chalon, France.

Recording of Everything That Rises Must Converge by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Gerard Schwarz, Seattle, Washington. Upcoming CD release by Master Musicians Collective.

Premiere of composition Protean Flux at the Disklavier Discovery Concert at the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts, UCSD, September 26, 1991.

Premiere of composition A Cold Front in the Forecast at the Regional Saxophone Convention, California State Los Angeles, March 16, 1991. Written for saxophone, MIDI sampler and computer.

Premiere of Fugal Fantasy for Mesa College Humanities Institute sponsored lecture/concert "An Evening with Hiroshi and Igor," November 16, 1990.

Associate at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna, Florida.

Published article in Volume 5; Number 1, Spring-Summer, 1989, of ex tempore "New Applications for Loudspeakers: a Composer's Perspective" and presented in a paper at the New Hampshire Music Festival Composers Conference, August 7, 1987.

National Endowment of the Humanities Fellowship for seminar, "Jazz: A Comparative View" at Yale University.

Presentation of composition Japanese Gardens at the Pacific Southern Chapter of the College Music Society Conference, May 7, 1988.

Received Chancellor's Grants from UCSD and a grant from the American Music Center, for the production of the PhD dissertation, Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra, "Desert Flowers". Received Chancellor's Grants from UCSD for original video music-theater production, Eleatic Episode.

Winner of CalArts Young Composers Contest,"Splinters of a Shattered Space" performed at the CalArts Contemporary Music Festival '83, March (reviewed in the Los Angeles Times).

Premiere of PBBLS and performance of three Graphic Études for Organ at the AKI New Music Festival 83; latter briefly reviewed in The Cleveland Plain Dealer. Performance of Homage to Mark Rothko at the AKI New Music Festival 79, Cleveland Museum of Art.

Six Frames for String Quartet selected as part of Young Audiences Program and performed throughout Cleveland area elementary and high schools (1980).

Broadcasts of works Homage to Mark Rothko, PBBLS, Jabberwocky, Birthday Suit, Grid (Cynosure), and Plucked Moments on radio stations WCLV and WRUW in Cleveland, KANZ in Garden City (Kansas), and CKLN in Toronto.