OK... you asked for it! Ahh Ha Ha Ha! (Excuse my mirth.) Good luck with this. This is a virtual 3-dimensional maze. It is not truly 3-D because of course your screen is flat. But it requires you to think 3-dimensionally. If you can't abstract a 3-dimensional path through this maze, you will be hopelessly lost. But really, it is not THAT hard. Afterall, if i can imagine it there's gotta be someone out there who can do it - AHHHH HA HA HA HA HAAAA!!! (you are lucky it is only virtual!)

Alright, this is how it works: This is the top floor of a three floor building which has no windows and only one entry on this top floor, located on the above left corner of the image (I guess you would get up to it via some special gangplank, go figure... but it's virtual - perhaps you flew up there!). And it has only one exit through which you must find your way out, through a maze of hallways, stairwells and even an empty elevator shaft with a rope ladder. All the stairwells are numbered to help you identify which way you came from. Click on the stairwells to go up or down to the next floor you want to visit. If you click on the stairs of the top floor you will travel down one floor. For the middle floor click on the blue part of the stairs to go up one floor and the black part of the stairs to go down one floor. A blue "X" indicates the bottom of a stairwell (not all stairs traverse all floors) and if you click on those you will go up one floor. The exit is directly below the entrance, two floors down.