Old King Cole Productions, a.k.a. OKCD, is the business name of a joint venture where I am a partner with my friend, Ray Cole. Our first commercial project resulted in the CD, The Virtual Performer, a disc of my music written specifically for the Yamaha grand piano C3 Disklavier.

After that first recording we branched out and produced "Staggeringly Original CDs" of other peoples' music - by Will Ogdon, the vocal ensemble Capella Gloriana, for example. We also struck distribution arrangements with other independant composers - John Stevens, the late Mark Osborn, Nicolas Vérin and others. Old King Cole Productions currently lists over a dozen discs and has begun sub-contracting for other labels.

More about music for Disklavier  

Click the logo on the left to go to our company web site. This logo was originally designed by me for a poster of a concert of new music being performed on the campus of Mesa College where I teach. I resurrected the design and have contributed it as Old King Cole's logo. It is a logo only a mother could love since the thin lines don't scale very well. And yet it still "reads"; people recognize it and like it.