Dedications 2 János Négyesy and Päivikki Nykter: Works for Two Violins
Several very modern duets including a piece of mine with the best title I have ever came up with, my Before the Coil of Age Ensnares All Memory (and the Chaos of Light Blinds the Mind). I made up the title myself with no help from TS Eliot or William Faulkner.

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Masterworks of the New Era - Volume Twelve
A 4-CD set of works by living composers including my Symphony "Passage" performed by the Kiev Phiharmonic, conducted by Robert Ian Winstin. This is an early work from 1979 originally composed while a student at the Cleveland Institute of Music.

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Chamber Music by Igor Korneitchouk
Music for piano, violin, cello and clarinet by the marvelous talents of Baltimore musicians Audrey Andrist, James Stern, Rachel Young and Nathan Williams. Pieces range from the year 1975, Impressions of Maine for solo violin, to the two pieces written in 2002, song and dance... for violin and piano, and "Phoenix," Triptych for Piano, the work commissioned by the American Composers Forum with the support of the Jerome Foundation.

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60x60 (2004-2005) (DOUBLE CD)
60 minutes of 60 second-long music by 60 different composers from around the world on each of two CDs, including my one-minute The Kiss. All pieces were created especially for this project by Vox Novus.

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Gerard Schwarz Conducts The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic
Premiere works by four American composers including my Triptych for String Orchestra. Other composers are Howie Elmer, William Thomas McKinley, and Stephen Richards.

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Masterworks of the New Era - Volume One
A 2-CD set of works by living composers including my Three Haiku and a Poem for baritone voice and orchestra. Sung by Alexander Krunev and performed by the Philharmonia Bulgarica, conducted by Robert Ian Winstin.

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Igor Korneitchouk/William Thomas McKinley
Three orchestral works: Viola Concerto, "Coaxing the Shadows to Move of Their Own Volition"; The Disqualification of Harry Semantix as Trial Juror for East County; and Everything that Rises Must Converge. The Viola Concerto is performed by violist Karen Dreyfus with the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, Vladimír Válek conducting; saxophonist James Romeo performs as soloist in The Disqualification of Harry with Gerard Schwarz conducting the New York Chamber Orchestra. Schwarz conducts the third work with the Seattle Symphony. The disc is shared with two orchestral works by William Thomas McKinley.

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Igor Korneitchouk: Electric Brews
A wide variety of electronic music such as musique concrète, sampling and MIDI technology. Works include Homage to Mark Rothko and Gelall realized on Moog synthesizer, and Grid (Cynosure) for electric guitar (Derek Keller performing).

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Dedications to János Négyesy and Päivikki Nykter: Works for Two Violins
Several very modern duets including Volume I and II of my Short Circuits. The incomparible husband and wife duo of János Négyesy and Päivikki Nykter are lauded in the January/February 2001 issue of American Record Guide playing these dedications.

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Ambient Recording: Sonic Habitats
This is an ambient sound recording of wind chimes, distant flute sounds and piano strings. Very relaxing.

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Igor Korneitchouk: The Virtual Performer
Works for computer-driven player piano, solo works as well as in ensembles, including Prelude and Variations for trumpet, guitar, marimba and piano; and Worms in the Flower Garden for the disklavier with the perfromer (me) playing simultaneously inside piano.The CD includes performances by Ed Harkins on trumpet, Steven Schick on marimba, George Svoboda on guitar, Mary Barranger on piano, and James Romeo on sax.

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