This was a proposed cover for the recent disc that came out on MMC. Howie Elmer, one of the composers, had provided the photo and I had made a very cool version for the cover. But then management at MMC said that the image was "not very complimentary" of the maestro (despite that the composers were all happy with it). They used the same photo and immersed it in pea soup. I do have maybe two discs in my whole collection that maybe look uglier. Here, you be the judge:

This design is for both the front and back cover such that the image wraps around (the front is on the right side). Thus Mr. Schwarz would have ended up on the back cover. I think that would have been quite interesting especially as the black and white version below was proposed for the inside cover and would have complimented the exterior. I suppose however that Schwarz 's position not on the front cover is what MMC objected to (though I am sure nobody bothered to ask him whether he would mind!). Or maybe they didn't think it through, objected on principles of turf and/or because they are just hacks and they hold the contract.