Published Paper

New Applications for Loudspeakers in an Acoustical Space: A Composer's Perspective on Alternative Loudspeaker Placement
From Volume V/1, Spring-Summer, 1989, of ex tempore


Aka Pygmy Music Tradition: Does Music Precede Language?
A discussion of and link to the study of music on the cutting edge of Anthropology

Appropriation: Meta-Music or Sonic Poaching?
A discussion of and link to the cyber-rebel Zypher's music Business As Usual

Proof of American War Atrocities: Benhoa, Vietnam, 1967
A discussion of and link to an album cover of a local San Diego rock band portraying a war atrocity

Music Analyses

John Luther Adams: Dark Waves
A revealing peak at Dark Waves through ProTools

Johann Sebastian Bach: Unaccompanied Violin Partita in D Minor
An analysis of unifying motives and harmonic structure in the 5 movement work. Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 9
An analytical formal map of the Finale to Beethoven's final symphony .

Mile Davis: Blue in Green
A map of Time: An analysis of tempo.

Claude Debussy: Sarabande, Suite Pour le Piano
Statistical analysis of chord types illuminates form.

Béla Fleck and the Flecktones: UFO Tofu
A formal cross-section of the musical ship imagined in UFO Tofu.

Philip Glass: Einstein on the Beach
An analysis of ABA forms in the Knee plays from Einstein on the Beach

King Crimson: Discipline
The discipline of Discipline: polymetric music involving meters of 5

Charles Ives: Piano Sonata No. 2, "Concord, Mass. 1840 - 1860"
Principle of relative universality as identified by use of quotation of both classical and popular tunes of Ives' time.

Igor Korneitchouk: Viola Concerto, "Coaxing the Shadows to Move of Their Own Volition"
ProTools lays bare the form of my piece.

Bobby McFerrin: The Jump
Weaving texture in a piece for solo voice.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Sonata in D Major, K. 284
Comic framing, organization and variation within Theme and Variations, the sonata's final movement.

Modest Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition
An analysis of symmetry, tonality and other structural devices in the piece.

Steve Reich: Music for 18 Musicians
An analysis of patterns in this monumental piece.

Pyotr Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture
A blow by blow account of how the music matches up with the progress of that historic war between Russia and Napoleon's Grande Armée.

Anton Webern: Variations, for Piano, Op. 27
An analysis of the variety of form within the use of strict rules of serial composition.