"Human beings are just like all the rest of us animals - like rats, dogs or ants - but with the potential to be intelligent. Too bad most don't meet their potential."

Every year (almost) for nearly two decades I have made a "discipline" to concoct yet another twisted allegory on the humanimal condition. Produced as hand-made flip-books of about 15 pages, give or take, these stories, hand-illustrated, present a withering non-human perspective of things that shed some light (or darkness) on our human obsessions, foibles and predicaments. Hence each is an "After-Dinner Allegory for Adults". They would be written some time during my Christmas break, between Christmas and a couple of weeks after New Year's, usually in one inspired sitting. These I would then send as a kind of post-Christmas season antidote to friends and family and anyone unfortunate enough to have sent us a Christmas card. OK, so here it is, the misanthropic side of my nature, hanging all out there for all to gawk at...

Oh, by the way, lest you think I do this all out of a spiritual need to self-flagellate and purify my soul of anti-social demons, if you want one of these stories, you need to send me $5 (family and friends excepted). These stories don't grow on trees. Although I have done these Allegories for so many years, I have finally put them up on the web site to celebrate the fact that I have now hit my target 13 stories, and am ready to publish the complete set of an unlucky number of a Baker's Dozen. If anyone knows a publisher who might be interested, please let me (or the publisher) know. They will only cost more once they're published. Interested? Email me.

Read a synopsis and a teaser for each Allegory (click on any image below for a pop-up window)

The Mayfly

The Pup of Nam

Sub Rosa

Interview with Evil

Viva Vespa!

The Infinite Wisdom of Tommy Tick

Shooting the Bull

On the Importance of Having Thick Skin

Far from the Formicary

Amoebae's Trip

Shell Game


Fly in the Sky (Memoirs of a Lone Midge)